Session 2 of School Community Sustainability Transformation (SCST) at UNIS Hanoi

Hi from Bangkok and Jakarta! We are writing to give you an exciting update about the latest development from the Leadership/School Empowerment section of Compass Ed. 

Since we last wrote, UNIS Hanoi has now completed the second session of our Compass Education: School Community Sustainability Transformation (SCST). Scott and Teresa got to work with the team again from March 3-4 to delve into systems, innovations, and strategies and reach the capstone of the Pyramid process!

Based on the vision they developed in October, the UNIS sustainability team spent the last few months gathering evidence of “What is happening?” in the community with respect to their adapted School Community Sustainability Framework. During our work together in session 2, the team:

  • Synthesized their evidence into ‘node cards’ that provided the raw material for their systems mapping process
  • Engaged in some of our favorite systems thinking experiences – drawing toast and systems diagramming a Dr. Seuss story – to develop systems mapping skills
  • Applied the systems mapping skills to generate four systems maps of sustainability at UNIS; a smaller team is now working on using Kumu to create a shared digital version of their school systems map
  • Identified four key leverage points for transformation, and developed innovations at each:
Leverage PointInnovation(s)
Communication networksPhoto series, assembly, building static content for UNIS Hanoi landing page
Professional development / trainingUpdating recruitment questions to include sustainabilityCreating resources for teaching sustainability and systems thinkingT.I.A.iBlock sustainability integrationSTEAMfest booth
ServiceBuilding on a strength of an already strong service learning program, creating a service hub for all stakeholders – students, staff, parents, teachers – to engage in meaningful service.
Data and policiesComprehensive Data Tracking Comprehensive Policies for Sustainability 
  • Considered the Gilman’s Equation to think of strategies for diffusing the innovations
  • Used the GIlman’s Equation, Amoeba, and Iceberg to develop their action plans!

WHEW! It was a jam packed, super invigorating, and awesome process to be part of. We will stay in touch with the learning community as they move into implementation, and hope that we will have more to share in the coming months and years about their sustainability transformation.

Thanks for your interest and support, and we are thrilled to have had UNIS Hanoi be our pilot school. We are also engaged in the same process with Green Shoots International School in Hoi An, Vietnam. We hope to engage more schools in the coming years (and their city names don’t have to all be anagrams of each other …)

In the meantime, we are really desperately trying to create a snappier, catchier, more innovative name for the process than “School Community Sustainability Transformation (SCST)” as neither of us can ever quite get out all the words without stumbling over them. So, any suggestions are more than welcome!

We’ll keep you all updated, CE crew!

Teresa & Scott

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