We are a global movement of educators and change agents who believe that a flourishing, sustainable world begins with our students and schools.

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Agile network of global systems thinking professionals

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Supporting sustainability education to make the world better

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A global team of educators

Board of Directors

Compass Education is generously supported by an international network of business leaders, school directors, educators and sustainability experts who provide guidance in all aspects of organizational development, professional quality and subject matter expertise. 

Compass Education owes our name and foundational tool to the visionary sustainability leader and systems thinker, Alan Atkisson and the work that he and his colleagues initiated, improved and continue to develop in the field of systems thinking. 

Alan AtKisson

Founding Innovator

Board of Directors

Robert Steele

Founder/President Board of Directors, Compass Education. Founder Systainability Asia

Lara Johnson

Director of Development, Rocky Mountain Institute

Taylor Steele

Board Member

Kate O'Connell

International Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Speaker


Indira Santos Aznar

Education Manager, CONACYT (Mexico)

Glades Castro Perreras

Director Circo de los Ninos, Educacion Social

Lister Hannah

Board Member and Retired International School Educator

Rick Kahn

Senior Leadership Consultant, FMI

Lisa Kensler

Endowed Professor of Educational Leadership, Auburn University

Scott Edwards

Director, GPDM for Sustainability

Brian Johnson

Director, Sustainable Practice, Ashkin Group