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We are a committed group of like minded educators who believe that our work has the potential to inspire lives and make the world a better place.  

We know that great teaching and learning benefits everyone and we strive to be leaders in the introduction of systems thinking as a foundation for a sustainable future in our schools and in our world.   

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Compass Education is making a difference everyday. We aim to empower one million educators with the tools to encourage students as sustainability advocate and systems thinkers.

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Community Activities and Events

Nurturing Systems Thinking for Social Innovation and Sustainability in Education

Social innovation plays a pivotal role in addressing the complex challenges faced by educators in the field of education. It fosters positive change, promotes inclusivity, ...
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Employing the Sustainability Compass to Encourage Team Building and Deepen Dialogue

This year we expanded our school EcoCommittee to a Board recognized subcommittee including representatives from our Parents Association, Administration, Faculty and Student Body. While our ...
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From Icebergs to Insights: Enhancing Learning with Iceberg Analysis and Word Walls

After participating in my Level 1 Compass training, I knew immediately that I wanted to find as many opportunities as possible to utilize the Compass ...
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Unlocking Student Potential: A Story of Student Empowerment and Leadership Development at Harare International School

Student leadership – a dream or a reality? Why do we, as teachers, often offer activities that could easily be student-led? These are the questions ...
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EcoSuperior Iceberg Exercise

In June, the City of Thunder Bay is participating in a “Commuter Challenge”. It aims to encourage citizens to use active transportation (walking, biking, wheeling, ...
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Sustainable Habits of Mind: Focus on Learning, Not Knowing

Accept that the world around you is constantly changing. To understand the dynamic world around you, gather evidence through observation, talking to others, learning about ...
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The Compass Educator community is the foundation and the future of the organization. We are driven to innovate and improve the Compass tools to contribute to a more sustainable world, recognizing our tremendous opportunity as educators and catalysts for a better future.
Since 2006, Compass Education resources have been designed, tested and improved by educators in the classroom and we invite you to contribute to our growing movement with your ideas, collaborations and best practices. There are many ways to participate and we hope that you do!

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Did you use the tools and create a great lesson or class experience. Did you use the tools with a particular book, concept or activity that you think others might love to learn more about. Share your written curriculum or make a short video of your experience. We would love to hear from you!
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Twice a year the Compass Educator Community reviews the many contributions that we receive for new content, revised materials, news articles, social media posts and real actions that have contributed to creating a more sustainable world. We then choose a selection of winning entries to receive acknowledgement from our team, promotion on our website and social media channels and really amazing and great gear from our award sponsors!

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