We are a global movement of educators and change agents who believe that a flourishing, sustainable world begins with our students and schools.


Who We Are

Mission Focused. Educator Driven. Non Profit.

We support inspired teachers, innovative administrators, and educators of all kinds to maximize their ability to affect positive impact and sustainable change in students, schools and teams.

We inspire transformative learning practices that enhance reflective, critical and systems thinking perspectives with tools that are easy to integrate into any context or classroom and provide the foundation for emerging change agents.

We design experiences, classes and workshops to foster a community of systems thinkers who believe that a sustainable world is our opportunity and responsibility.

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Compass Youth

Compass Youth

What We Do

We provide expert guidance to educators and administrators in the form of customized professional development, online courses and classes, in person facilitation and school wide sustainability implementation frameworks.

We teach sustainability habits of mind that incorporate the four Compass points and provide a holistic foundation for systemic thinking.

We embrace complexity and encourage action, using systems thinking tools to build better learners and empower change makers.

We meet you where you are at and support your learning journey with personalized instruction, supportive coaching, excellent resources and a committed educator community.
The Compass Toolkit
The Compass is a powerful metaphor for orienting and setting direction towards living and learning more sustainably and provides us with a holistic “big picture” perspective that is particularly useful in education. It is for this reason that we utilize the Sustainability Compass as an effective tool, framework, thinking lens, and ‘habit of mind’ in educating for a sustainable future. It is from the foundation of the Compass, that additional systems thinking tools are introduced which form the Compass Toolkit.
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About Compass education good teaching and learning

Why We Do It

Our planet and our people are in crisis.

We cannot solve the problems of today with the tools of yesterday. We must evolve our thinking and our practice to generate new outcomes.

The critical and transformational skills developed by the “Compass Toolkit” empower students to not only make a difference, but to do so in a way that values and honors the interconnectedness of our way of life and life on this planet. We believe that when students and their teachers learn to approach complex topics, discuss current events or design service projects using the Compass Toolkit, they learn skills for life that accompany them as they raise families, start businesses and continue contributing positively and thoughtfully to the world.

At a time when systemic issues in healthcare, racial justice and climate change are being increasingly and publicly discussed,  Compass Education builds foundational skills critical in developing the change makers of this generation. The time is now!

About Compass education good teaching and learning

“For there is always light. If only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it."

– Amanda Gorman

First Youth Poet Laureate in the U.S.

Join the Movement!

We cannot create a better world if we wait for someone else to do it. Each of us has unique abilities, knowledge and skill sets to contribute and now is the time to own your agency and stand in your power. As educators of the next generation, we must see this moment as an opportunity and a responsibility. The good news is that you’re not alone.

Compass Education is on a mission to share our tools with 1 million educators by 2030. Imagine the number of students you see and influence everyday, add their families and friends that they see and influence—multiply that by the years that you will teach, now multiply that by 1 million! Your potential to impact our collective future is exponential! Our world and schools cannot wait, the future is now.

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The Sustainability Compass provides a shared language and framework to make sustainability accessible, personal and actionable. Take this 15 minute free introductory course to learn about the basics of the versatile Sustainability Compass!
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Join the Team!

Compass Education is built by educators and for educators. There are many ways for you to participate, contribute and become part of the Compass Team. We would love to welcome you!

Become a Compass Facilitator or Coach

Become a Compass Facilitator or Coach

Becoming a Compass Coach or Compass Facilitator enrolls you in a fun crowd of like minded educators who are dedicated to sharing the Compass toolkit with a broad audience.  Advanced training with Compass Education is an exciting exploration into the application of tools for systems thinking in the classroom and in a whole school context.  Our Compass team welcomes you to the journey!

Contribute to the Compass Community

Contribute to the Compass Community

Since 2006, Compass Education resources have been designed, tested and improved by educators in the classroom and we invite you to contribute to our growing movement with your ideas, collaborations and best practices. There are many ways to participate and we hope that you do!

We’re making a difference 800+ SCHOOLS

Compass Education is on a mission to share our tools with 1 million educators by 2030. Join our community of dedicated educators and follow our growth on social media!