We are a global movement of educators and change agents who believe that a flourishing, sustainable world begins with our students and schools.

Staff and Facilitators

Agile network of global systems thinking professionals

Board of Directors and Advisors

Supporting sustainability education to make the world better

Certified Practioners and Educators

A global team of educators

Staff and Facilitators

Compass Facilitators are Heads of School, Sustainability Directors and  Educators from every discipline.  Their first hand school and classroom knowledge means that their facilitation is relevant, timely and customized to the particular needs of every kind of school or classroom environment. 

Compass Education is an agile social enterprise that follows a model of lean internal operations providing support for our international network of facilitators.  


Nicole Swedlow

Executive Director, Compass Facilitator

Watkana Thongrueng

Operations Director

Nining Ikha Sumarni

Media & Communications

Gitanjali Paul

Instructional Designer, Compass Facilitator


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