Submit your Lesson Plan for Certification

Congratulations on having successfully completed Compass Practitioner or Educator certification course.  The final step to finishing the course and receiving certification is to submit a lesson plan or project for review.   Requirements are different for each certification level.  Please see the details on the submission page. 

Once you submit your lesson plan, please allow two weeks for us to review and respond.   

Compass Practitioner (Level 1) Certification

There are several pathways to Compass Practitioner Certification.  If you are unsure if you qualify, please reach out to your course facilitator or send a message to the Compass team. 

Certified Compass Practitioners:

  • Receive a Compass Badge to use on Linkedin or other social media
  • May use COMPASS PRACTITIONER in their signature lines
  • Receive priority access to our limited Advanced Systems Thinking courses
Compass Educator (Level 2) Certification

Compass Educator Certification can only be obtained by taking our online or onsite Advanced Systems Thinking Course, Systems Change for a Sustainable World: Becoming a Change Maker in your School Community.

Certified Compass Educators:

  • May use COMPASS EDUCATOR in their signature lines
  • May represent Compass in conferences and events (with permission)
  • May apply to become a Compass Coach or Facilitator with Compass Education

Submit your Lesson Plan and support Sustainability Education and Systems Thinking

Are you already a certified practitioner or educator?  Have you experimented with the tools and had great success?   

We encourage you to add your lesson plan to our database of over 200 resources.  We will upload your plan and announce its arrival in our social media accounts.  You will also be eligible to win some of our fantastic Compass gear and awards!   Most importantly, your skills and insights will serve other educators in their quest to bring sustainability education and systems thinking to their students. 

Thank you for your continued collaboration.  


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