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Compass Online Certification Courses

Our 7-week (regular) or 2-week (intensive), facilitator-guided certification courses offers an easy-to-use yet transformative approach to learning through sustainability and systems thinking, providing educators with simple tools that can be used in any discipline and all grade levels. Through this course, you will connect with a global cohort of educators as well as create your own personal action plan to integrate systems thinking into your teaching and learning.

After taking these courses, you will be qualified to apply for Compass Education Certification which can lead towards certification as a Compass Trainer (if all requirements are complete).

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable World: A Systems Thinking Approach

Participants will explore the concept of sustainability with specific emphasis on the role of education and the use of systems thinking to enhance student learning.

Bring systems thinking tools & sustainability into your classroom!
  • Facilitated, 7 weeks or 2 weeks course
  • Global cohort
  • Asynchronous learning with optional live calls
  • Personalized feedback
  • Certificate of participation
  • Eligible to become a Compass Practitioner

Systems Change for a Sustainable World: Becoming a Change Maker in Your Community

Participants will explore how systems thinking tools can help them become change makers in their community and deepen their systems thinking practice in education.

Use systems thinking to think & act for sustainable change!
  • Facilitated, 7 weeks course
  • Global cohort
  • Asynchronous learning with optional live calls
  • Personalized feedback
  • Certificate of participation
  • Eligible to become a Compass Educator

Introduction to the Compass Tools Workshop

Introduction to the Compass Tools:
Systems Thinking for Sustainability in the Classroom

This one day workshop has been developed to enable schools to efficiently and effectively introduce educators, administrators and support staff to the fundamentals of sustainability and systems thinking. The process is designed to scaffold learners in systems processes through the introduction of two of the most important and useful systems thinking tools; the Sustainability Compass and Systems Iceberg. Participants are encouraged to put their learning into immediate practice in the design of a lesson or project plan.

  • Format: On-site 1 day (6hours).    Virtual option available
  • Certification: NO – but Certification Supplement Course is available
  • Audience:  All disciplines and all grade levels

To request more info about this course or to confirm availability please contact us

Compass Quick Impact Courses

Compass Quick Impact courses are designed for educators who want to jump right in to using a specific tool. Courses are asynchronous, can be started and completed at anytime and each includes 2-4 hours of instruction. These courses deliver impact and actionable outcomes if you have some experience with the tools or none at all.
The Sustainability Compass
Use the Sustainability Compass to engage students in a variety of topics
Systems Thinking for the SDGs
Read More
A guide to introducing the SDGs through a systems thinking lens.

Young Systems Thinkers
Read More
An introduction to fostering systems thinking in primary aged learners..

Community Connections
Read More
Learn how to investigate your community with the Sustainability Compass..

Cultivating COMPASSion
Read More
Using Systems Thinking & The Sustainability Compass to Support Social Emotional Learning..

The Sustainability Compass
Read More
Learn the basics of the Sustainability Compass.


Curated Compass Courses

Our curated courses select the best of the Compass toolkit applied to specific needs and contexts. These courses are delivered asynchronously and can start at anytime. These courses may be taken for certification purposes when 1-1 mentorship is selected.
Eco-Green Service

Intended for service learning coordinators, sustainability leaders, curriculum coordinators and those in similar roles. This course builds capacity among educators to integrate sustainability education into existing practice using a whole school approach.

Compass Tools for IB teaching

Explore activities and examples of how you can use Compass Tools and systems thinking to enhance teaching & learning within an IB context.


Designed to equip school leaders and learning communities with tools, methodologies and systems thinking strategies to fulfill the school’s mission and vision, and to accelerate the change towards a sustainable learning community.

Some Schools using Compass Tools

Becoming a Compass Facilitator

Share your knowledge of systems thinking and your experience in the classroom with inspired educators around the world!

 Motivated educators who would like to contribute to sustainability education as a group facilitator may continue training to become a Compass Facilitator.

Facilitation Skills

Becoming a facilitator for Compass Education is an exciting challenge that will provide you with a solid foundation of leadership and presentation skills. This course is an asynchronous self paced skill building journey supported by a mentor that will accompany you as you plan and lead your first Compass training.


The Sustainability Compass provides a shared language and framework to make sustainability accessible, personal and actionable. Take this 15 minute free introductory course to learn about the basics of the versatile Sustainability Compass!
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Yes!  We have a virtual option using some of our most useful tools that can host up to 70 people at one time and we are happy to run on-site workshops for larger groups. 

We generally cap participation in our facilitated online workshops at 20, but occasionally have up to 30.  The asynchronous workshops are open to as many as choose to take the course.

Yes!  Systems thinking is what administrators must do every day and the Compass Tools  create a visible way to organize and connect their thoughts and work! 

Yes in the case of our virtual and onsite professional development but not so much in our online classes and courses.  We are always open for suggestions and ways to make it work best for our participants.

Educators from all over the world!   Compass Education has more than 25 facilitators working in more than 42 countries.  Our online trainings are available in even the most remote areas and it is so fun to see who joins us! 

We currently offer discounts for groups and cohorts.  We also have very accessible pricing for educators in government or public schools. When we have facilitators in the area, we offer free trainings for community organizations that work with children in marginalized regions of the world. 

Compass Education is grateful to our generous non-profit donors and  sponsors who contribute to our operations costs, allowing us to keep prices low and provide scholarships and free trainings for educational organizations who would be served by the tools but do not have the resources  to pay for training.

Browse through this website and you will find many ways to become involved.  Send us a note about your specific interests and we will get back to you quickly. 

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