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Spreading Sustainability and Systems Thinking to the world

At Compass Education we have an ambitious goal. We want to bring Sustainability and systems education to ONE MILLION EDUCATORS by 2030!

To achieve this goal we actively seek partnerships and opportunities to share our tools, educational resources and expertise with a broad range of partners while also maintaining the integrity of the teaching tool and its uses in education.

If you believe in sustainability and systems thinking in education, please connect with us, we look forward to working together.

Compass education is about sustainability education, professional development, service learning, environmental service projects and education, sustainable development goals, systems thinking for schools and administration, teaching students leadership and change makers.

Partners in Sustainability and
System Thinking Education

We admire the work of these amazing organizations and support their commitment in making this world a better place

Green School - Bali

Green School

Bali, Indonesia

Collaborations in Sustainability and
System Thinking Education

We collaborate with these amazing organizations in making this world a better place

Are you a consultant or do you want to use the Sustainability Compass or other tools for profit?

The Compass Education Toolkit ( including the Sustainability Compass ) is licensed and distributed by Compass Education. Not to worry, we want you to use the tools in your work and share them with others. We also want to be sure that you have everything that you need to do so. There are very reasonable licensing fees and very supportive partnership agreements available for consultants, corporations or organizations that would like to include the tools in their for-profit practice.

Non-profits and schools may use and distribute the tools for free educational use, but require registration with Compass Education.

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