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Spreading Sustainability and Systems Thinking to the world

At Compass Education we have an ambitious goal. We want to bring Sustainability and systems education to ONE MILLION EDUCATORS by 2030!

To achieve this goal we actively seek partnerships and opportunities to share our tools, educational resources and expertise with a broad range of partners while also maintaining the integrity of the teaching tool and its uses in education.

If you believe in sustainability and systems thinking in education, please connect with us, we look forward to working together.

Compass education is about sustainability education, professional development, service learning, environmental service projects and education, sustainable development goals, systems thinking for schools and administration, teaching students leadership and change makers.

Partners in Sustainability and
System Thinking Education

We admire the work of these amazing organizations and support their commitment in making this world a better place

G20 Conference 2022


The G20 Conference is an annual gathering of the largest world economies to discuss policy. The V20 group, a Values advisory group to the G20 conference will be using the Compass Education Sustainability Compass as a framework for their official G20 Communique.

Green School

Bali, Indonesia

A global education network committed to create a worldwide network of learners, making our world sustainable. Green School Bali uses the Compass Tools in their online Sustainability Training Course for educators.



MAD Courses connects classrooms with inspiring entrepreneurs and communities worldwide.

MAD Courses is using the Compass Education systems tools in an interactive online learning experience designed for service programs.

Youths for SDGs


Youths for SDGs is a conference for international high school students to come together to discuss global issues and raise awareness on SDGs. The group uses the Compass Tools as a framework for their annual conference and case challenge.

Trust for Sustainable Living

United Kingdom

A global education charity, with the aim of helping the next generation to achieve a sustainable future. The Trust for Sustainable lIving offers workshops and frameworks using the Compass Tools in their annual education Summit.

Inspire Citizens


International leaders and designers of student centered transformative learning experiences and future-focused global citizenship.

Inspire Citizens uses the Compass Toolkit in their empathy to impact trainings for students and educators.

Global Citizenship Collective


The Global Citizenship Collective is a group of global citizenship educators from a variety of disciplines offering any school or institute to propel themselves forward and enhance global citizenship literacy and competency. We are all united in turning ideas into action to make positive impacts.

Dynamic Earth Online


Through in-person delivery at the science centre in Edinburgh, through national outreach across the length and breadth of Scotland and through online experiences – we connect people of all ages and backgrounds to earth and environmental sciences in inspirational, memorable and exciting ways. Dynamic Earth utilizes the Compass Tools in their online curriculum sponsored by the Scottish government.

Traidhos Barge Program


Traidhos Barge Program is an environmental education program working in significant watershed areas of Thailand. The Traidhos program has integrated the Compass tools in all aspects of their program and training materials, including their translated materials in German, Thai and French.

Auburn University

United States

Auburn University is a public land grant university in the state of Alabama. The university uses the Compass Tools as a framework for all of their on-campus and community sustainability initiatives.

Alexandria University

Canada, Egypt

The Department of Environmental Science uses the Compass Education tools in the University classroom context as a framework for community outreach.



Play360 trains educators and inspired playmakers to build quality, locally sourced playgrounds for their communities and schools. Play360 uses the Compass toolkit to support playmakers in developing a plan for a sustainable playground construction.

Impact Velocity


Impact Velocity is an aggregator of system awareness for impactful sustainable success methodologies. We empower through partnerships with incubators and accelerators, impact funds, and networks. Our mission is to co-create the network and ecosystem with partners, resources and community to create impact at scale and speed. With Compass education, Impact Velocity will provide Sustainability and Systems Awareness training programs in Vietnam.

Collaborations in Sustainability and
System Thinking Education

We collaborate with these amazing organizations in making this world a better place

Catalyst 2030

Compass Education is proud and honoured to join Catalist 2030, a global movement of social change innovators collaborating to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

World's Largest Lesson

Compass Education engages our global community of 2000+ educators representing 94 countries in support of the World's Largest Lesson’s Transforming Education campaign. Compass Educators and Practitioners participate in a conversation about SDG #4 Quality Education with their students by using the Sustainability Compass as a tool to guide systemic thinking.

Are you a consultant or do you want to use the Sustainability Compass or other tools for profit?

The Compass Education Toolkit ( including the Sustainability Compass ) is licensed and distributed by Compass Education. Not to worry, we want you to use the tools in your work and share them with others. We also want to be sure that you have everything that you need to do so. There are very reasonable licensing fees and very supportive partnership agreements available for consultants, corporations or organizations that would like to include the tools in their for-profit practice.

Non-profits and schools may use and distribute the tools for free educational use, but require registration with Compass Education.

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