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Compass Education’s Internship Program

Starting in June this year, Compass Education has initiated a rolling 3-month internship program that is tapping into the passion and skills of young people who are keen to be a part of the growing sustainability, SDG and systems thinking movement. As Compass Education continues to grow and expand its reach globally to schools in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Australia, we find that young people are eager to help us to develop our own abilities as an organization.

Agatha Pacis, a truly gifted and talented young woman from the Philippines was our first intern. She helped us immensely in improving our social media outreach to youth, relooking at our branding, and helping t facilitate our youth leaders camp to run smoothly.

We have lots of cool and creative challenges for other young people interested to learn about systems thinking and sustainability education and would like to live and explore Chiang Mai, Thailand for 3 months. Please contact Khun Nong at [email protected] if you are interested in applying.

Picture of Caitlin Barnum

Caitlin Barnum

Cait Barnum, originally from the crystal coast of North Carolina, now calls the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico home. She moved to Mexico 7 years ago with the Peace Corps, and found her way into teaching Middle and High School Sciences, as well as being our Sustainability and Systems Coordinator for at time, but now is leading the STEM+ Department. Folding in systems thinking tools and habits into the whole school community is a passion as well as a goal of hers.

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