Video Library

Compass Education has a growing collection of videos created by students and educators using the tools to teach Sustainability and Systems Thinking in their classrooms.  

If you want to understand more about the history and origin of the Sustainability Compass, watch this video made by our friends at Auburn University. 

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Great Introductory Videos

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A Systems Story

A simple and excellent introduction to the basic concepts of Systems Thinking by BEE Environmental Communication.   A wonderful story appropriate for all ages. 

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Systems Thinking: A Cautionary Tale

A wild story about Operation Cat Drop in Borneo in the 1950’s.  It is a real example of what happens if we don’t consider a systems perspective when making decisions. 

Student Videos

Students are natural systems thinkers and using video can be a great way to ask them to synthesize their thinking.  In this video, a student at The American School of Puerto Vallarta uses the Systems Iceberg to better understand the protests in the United States after the death of George Floyd.

student describing systems thinking and george floyd protests

Virtual Delivery for Systems Thinking

Compass Education Facilitator Kate Dore created a series of short videos together with her middle school students to showcase how the tools can be used in the virtual classroom.  

Educators in Action

Compass Educators know that sharing their work is an important way to contribute to the implementation of Sustainability and Systems Thinking in schools.   

In this video educators, Suji deHart and Lucy Thompson document their work with a 5th grade class using the Triangles game and Causal Diagrams to explore how war and peace affect refugee health. 

Compass Community Chats

The Compass Community chat is a 45 minute informal presentation by one of our Compass Educators about the  ways that they have used the Compass Tools in their classroom or school.   The chats are announced in our social media accounts and everyone is invited to attend.  Please check out all the chats on our youtube channel.    

If you have a fun story or insight about how you have used the Compass Tools and would like to lead a Compass Chat, please   contact us to share your idea and reserve a spot on our calendar.