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Calling all educators interested in sustainability, systems thinking, and making systems change!

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About the Groups

Compass Education is a global organization of passionate and committed educators and sustainability professionals. Compass Engagement Groups bring together educators interested in systems thinking for sustainability. No formal Compass certification is required to join. 

Compass Engagement Groups can be found in The Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific. In each region, the Compass Engagement Groups aspire to:
  • Increase collaboration and professional learning opportunities for educators interested in systems thinking, sustainability, and creating systemic change.
  • Advocate and act for more sustainable education practices
  • Share personal experiences and expertise that help more educators use systems thinking to enhance teaching and learning, and support sustainable outcomes
  • Inspire a sense of community and hope among educators working to facilitate positive change

This may look different from region to region, but the overall nature of these groups will remain the same.  Join now and connect with educators from around the world who share your passion!

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