The Sustainability Compass
and the Global Goals

Sustainability challenges, as defined by the 17 SDGs, are interconnected and the linkages are often invisible to our eyes and minds. The intentional application of systems thinking tools can reveal these connections. 

The Sustainability Compass can be used by educators, students, and education leaders as a tool to help explore each of the Global Goals and to explore the interdependencies of these inextricably linked challenges. 

Get started with the Compass and the SDGs

The best way to get started with the Compass and the Sustainable Development Goals is to jump right in!  Use our free resources to learn more and begin to engage with the SDGs today!

Quick Impact Course: Systems Thinking for the SDGs

Try our short self-paced course that will fortify your knowledge of the SDGs and provide you with specific activity plans and resources so that you can confidently engage learners with these Global Goals.
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Exploring the SDG's in the Classroom

How can we cultivate connection between our students and the UN Sustainable Development Goals? How can we equip students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to assert their agency and create change?

The Sustainable Development Goals provide a foundation to begin to explore systems thinking. Systems are at the heart of every modern global issue. Human and natural systems work in tandem or conflict to uphold systems of oppression, perpetuate unsustainable global trends, and obscure the path towards creating a better world. The complex nature of these issues can burden today’s students with pessimism about their future and, consequently, deter them from taking action. Thinking in systems can give hope. To prepare today’s students to achieve the Global Goals, we need to equip teachers with the tools to support students acquire these skills.  

Compass Education has hundreds of lesson plans that teach systems thinking, many of which use the SDG’s. 

Youths for SDGs

Youths for SDGs is an entirely youth run organization dedicated to connecting youth through thoughtful discussion and problem solving.   Every year they design and host a CASE CHALLENGE event and use the Compass Tools to discuss and expand their horizons on topics revolving around United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This years topic was Good Health and Well-being in the Era of COVID-19.  

Fostering global citizenship with the SDGs

In this Compass Community Chat, educator Michelena Macpherson shares her experience in fostering global citizenship through the SDG’s. 

She shares how she introduces the Global Goals in her classroom and  her experience with her 4th grade class in tackling food waste in the school canteen.   Participating educators share their experiences and insights. 

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Use the Sustainability Compass to support The World's Largest Lesson!

November 28 - December 12

Compass Education is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with The World’s Largest Lesson! We invite you to participate by engaging your students in a conversation about SDG4 Quality Education by using the Sustainability Compass as a tool to guide systemic thinking and inviting them to complete the Transforming Education Survey. The result from the survey will then be presented to an international audience of policymakers in 2023.

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