A Free Introductory Course on How to Use This Powerful Systems Thinking Tool in Education

How is sustainability relevant for everyday life?
Do you want a tool that will make integrating sustainability to your teaching easy?

The Sustainability Compass provides a shared language and framework to make sustainability accessible, personal and actionable. Take this quick 15-minute free introductory course to learn about the basics of the versatile Sustainability Compass.

This course will introduce you to the Sustainability Compass: A powerful systems thinking tool that can guide you to educate and act for a more sustainable future. This self-directed, interactive course will…

  • Teach you a tool you can use immediately to encourage critical thinking, facilitate discussion, explore global issues and much more.
  • Give you ideas to introduce your students to systems thinking.
  • Give you concrete classroom example.

Dive into this course to learn more!

The Compass can be used by educators in any context with any age!