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The Compass and the Iceberg at the Trust for Sustainable Living Annual Summit

In July, our partners, the Trust for Sustainable Living (TSL) held their annual online summit for students and educators with participants attending from all over the world. For those who don’t already know, The Trust for Sustainable Living is a UK based global education charity who, like Compass Education, believe that everyone should be ‘educated and empowered  to achieve a sustainable future.’ The theme of the summit this year was “Partner Power: Climate Justice, with much discussion about strengthening youth collaboration to reduce climate injustice. I was honoured to represent Compass Education and present one of two live workshops at the event. 

The first workshop  focused on using the Compass to consider the value of intergenerational dialogue when working towards climate justice. With students (upper primary age and above) and teachers contributing their ideas, we briefly introduced the compass tool with some quick activities and then dug into the idea of raising intergenerational voices using the Compass as our starting point.

The next workshop, with Gitanjali facilitating, used the Iceberg to consider how we can drive gender equality. Gitanjali and the participants worked their way down the Iceberg to consider the issue of gender inequality and how it related to climate injustice and then travelled from the base of the Iceberg to the top to consider solutions and possible action.

As the summit had attendees from all over the world all on different time zones, many participants watched the videos of the sessions later and you (and your students) can do the same. Here are the videos:

Later in the year, Compass Education and TSL will team up again to deliver the first of hopefully many workshop collaborations as we will be holding a Level One Compass Practitioner, two day workshop at their UK base in The Living Rainforest – exciting times!

Kath Lane

Kath Lane

Kath Lane is a primary school teacher from the UK who has a passion for educating children about nature and sustainability. She worked at Green School in Bali, Indonesia and has completed a Masters of Education in Educating for Sustainability at Antioch University in the United States. Her most recent position was a Grade 5 teacher in United World College of South East Asia – East, in Singapore, where she was also Environmental Stewardship Coordinator and was actively involved in infusing sustainability education across the primary grades and beyond. Kath believes that through systems thinking in the curriculum, outdoor education, service and personal/social education children can be given the passion, skills and qualities needed to make the right choices and find sustainable solutions for our world.

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