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Systems Change for a Sustainable World Workshop at UNIS Hanoi

UNIS Hanoi hosted Compass Education‘s Level 2: Systems Change for a Sustainable World workshop to kick off the school year. We had an empowering two days together, with a passionate and absolutely inspiring group of 9 community members including parents, teachers, members of the service learning and activities teams, and school operations. 

Participants worked together to share, learn, and empower each other for sustainability education in and outside the classroom; extending interconnections between the classroom and our wider community through tourism, service learning partners, community projects, energy sectors, and our daily lives. This provided opportunities for us to develop connected action plans for units of inquiry, approaches to teaching & learning, and community development. 

The Pyramid Lite process provided an engaging framework for digging deeper into the central challenges that we care most about and developing avenues for positive change. Diversity in perspectives, visualizing complexity, and mobilizing communities became the theme of much of the group’s work as they explored CE tools and strategies for systems change. Many participants have stayed connected as they have continued with their action plans and next steps with their work in the community. We are very excited to hear more as their work develops and flourishes.

What people said about the workshop:

“I feel like I now have a tangible way to create change and innovate more effectively.”

“This course has given me the confidence to put the tools into practice and make real changes in my community.”

“All things and actions are interconnected in consequence. Understanding systems thinking and sustainability will help you approach the issues from multiple perspectives and help come up with a more holistic solution.”

“If we can have one day course and in Vietnamese, the course would be more approachable and applicable for a broader community.”

Kate Doré

Kate Doré

Kate Doré is currently the Secondary School Service Learning Coordinator at the United Nations International School in Hanoi, Vietnam. She has been teaching for over twenty years, working with learners of all ages both in and outside the classroom. In this time, Kate has been grateful to be able to collaborate with educators and youth in creating interdisciplinary and co-curricular experiences which support and empower youth as leaders for a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Kate holds a M.A. in Education focusing on curriculum and science literacy; as well as postgraduate degrees in Business Management, School Leadership, and Sustainability Education. She is passionate about place-based education, and the opportunities it provides to dig deep into interconnections between ourselves, our communities, and our natural world.

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