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On the weekend of September 20-21, our Compass Trainer ,Tom McLean successfully led a Level 1 certification workshop attended by 24 ISG Jubail faculty members in Saudi Arabia. The workshop was part of a four-day National Day weekend to focus on Sustainability and Systems Thinking. Here you can read some reflections by Dr Andrew Crouse, Head of the School ISG Jubail, who participated in the workshop:

“Oftentimes in my life, I don’t appreciate special relationships, situations, and places until they are gone. This was not the case for me today. As I left the Compass training, I knew immediately that I had just taken part in something special with a special group of people. It was the kind of circumstance in which a person is lucky to find himself or herself a few times each decade. Clinically, the training was intended to give us the ability to work towards a more sustainable future using systems thinking tools that take into account the complex interrelationships of nature, the economy, society, and human well being. That statement alone does almost nothing to explain why even the most stoic among us were doing their level best to keep dry eyes during the closing. This tells us something about the trajectory that ISG Jubail is on, and the momentum that has been developed by leaders throughout the school. By leaders here I don’t mean those of us in formal leadership capacities; I mean leadership by those who are doing the work that matters most in classrooms, with students, everyday. These leaders truly inspire me as they reflect upon the emotional journeys on which they find themselves as they change practice in their classrooms and struggle alongside their colleagues in teams to craft the very best outcomes for students. We learned to use new tools and new lenses to better understand the complexity of the systems in which we work as educators. We also began to discover leverage points where we might best intervene to bring about positive change. Most importantly, we rediscovered the human system that supports and sustains us as ISG Jubail. I feel incredibly fortunate to be amongst such thoughtful and talented people”.
Caitlin Barnum

Caitlin Barnum

Cait Barnum, originally from the crystal coast of North Carolina, now calls the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico home. She moved to Mexico 7 years ago with the Peace Corps, and found her way into teaching Middle and High School Sciences, as well as being our Sustainability and Systems Coordinator for at time, but now is leading the STEM+ Department. Folding in systems thinking tools and habits into the whole school community is a passion as well as a goal of hers.

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