Learning to Lead in a Changing World

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by Tegar Laga Joebhaar (Year 13, Lanna International School Thailand)

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CYC Organiser and Participants with Dara Ang Representatives

What steps would you take to maintain a sustainable nation?

Team building activity: the Piranha Peril

Well for five nights this summer, I was part of the Compass Youth Camp at Prem. The camp was a mix of outdoor activities and a workshop on sustainability. With a focus on youth leadership, the camp involved a great deal of team work and most importantly the aim of promoting sustainability through the four points of the compass: Nature, Economy, Society and Well-being.

In order to learn more about the third point, Society, we visited Pan Daeng Nai village and stayed there for a night to interview the local hill tribe villagers about their way of life: how much they rely on their crops and the forest; their thoughts on the younger generation working in the city; their reflections on whether their traditional customs can be preserved in our fast developing world.

Community visit

While at Prem, my camp mates and I visited the Traidhos farm and interviewed the local farmers on how they provide a living for their families. We also analysed the farming system used at Traidhos. The last few days were filled with more team-building and a trip to the night bazaar. On the final day, my teammates and I presented our ideas of how we can maintain a sustainable environment to the hill tribe members of Pan Daeng Nai.

This camp was a great experience for me, teaching me a number of valuable lessons: the importance of maintaining sustainability; the important skills required in leadership and how we can apply them in our daily lives. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

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This article was published in the September-November 2015 issue of LQ, the Lanna International School Thailand student magazine. The full issue can be downloaded from lannaist.ac.th (the current issue is accessible from the main page and magazine archives are available at http://www.lannaist.ac.th/lanna-quarterly/).

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