Ancient Egypt Compass

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Submitted by Brad Moleon, 2015, while serving as Grade 4 homeroom teacher at Wells International School, Bangkok, Thailand

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In my 4th grade class at Wells International School, we are wrapping up a unit on settlement patterns around the globe and how geography shapes the lives of people and cultures. This seemed like an opportune time to incorporate what I had recently learned from a Compass Education workshop.

For one of our unit projects, I decided to have the whole class create a Compass of ancient Egypt. While conducting research for the Compass, the students discovered how vital the Nile River was to the various aspects of Egyptian civilization. They were able to link each Compass section to the Nile and see how these parts were inter-related. Writing extensions helped to reinforce this interconnectedness. Creating the Compass helped my students develop a deeper understanding of how the environment impacts people’s lives.

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