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EARCOS Workshop, April 2022

A couple of weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to co-facilitate an Introduction to  Compass Tools workshop in Hong Kong. Yes, it was virtual, so I did not get (or have) to travel, and yes, I stayed up most of the night to do it, but it was an amazing experience to interact with educators on the other side of the world and see the uses they came up with for Compass tools. I just ran down the list and made notes on some of the lesson/action plans I saw just on the document from this one workshop.

Here is a brief sample of subjects/projects: 6th grade geometry, Early Years reading/writing, inquiry learning middle school math, IB service learning/problem solving, whole school event planning, connecting math to art (I did this after my first Compass workshop – so fun!), using the Compass for character analysis, seeing different perspectives, assisting English Language Learners, and exploring SDG 5 – Gender Equality.

The versatility of these tools is as broad as the imagination of the educators wielding them (so, unlimited). I have gotten more access to this in my role as a Certification Reviewer over the past 3 months. I’m hoping to share with colleagues from across my career. Please check out our website There are endless resources and opportunities available. I’m thrilled to continue helping with our goal of reaching a million educators worldwide. Thanks to the team at Compass Education for the opportunity!

Mark Mains

Mark Mains

After careers as a US Army paratrooper and an actor (among others), Mark has been an education professional for 17 years in Mukilteo, Washington, USA, and most recently in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Along the way, he earned an M.Ed. in elementary education and National Board Certification. He has developed and facilitated training in subjects such asTeacher Evaluation as a Growth Model and The Power of Public Narrative. He is excited to be working with Compass Education to promote Systems Thinking and Sustainability among educators worldwide. To learn more about Mark, go to

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