‘Compass in the Classroom’ Workshops at NIST International School

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by Compass Team

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Twenty-nine teachers from Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools and one administrator of NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand  joined this one-day workshop to learn about the Compass for enhancing student learning and curriculum planning. One portion of the day was devoted to an introduction to Compass Education, the Sustainability Compass, and a series of experiential exercises designed to familiarize participants with the four Compass domains and ways the Compass can broaden students’ perspectives while stimulating inquiry and systems thinking. The second part of the day was devoted to using the Compass with a backwards design curriculum planning process. The teachers selected one interdisciplinary topic, developed a significant concept statement, and then used the Compass to brainstorm and organize relevant questions. Finally, a systems mapping exercise tied selected issues together under the significant concept. The last session reviewed examples of how Compass could be used and how it could enhance learning in PYP, MYP and DP settings.

‘Compass in the Classroom’ workshop at NIST


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