‘Compass in the Classroom’ Workshops at International School of Bangkok (ISB)

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by Compass Team

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Twelve teachers across primary and secondary levels came from six international schools to a one-day workshop held at International School of Bangkok (ISB), Bangkok, Thailand. After a brief introduction to the Compass, teacher participants had a full morning exploring how the Compass tool can be used to strengthen student learning skills, such as note taking, asking questions, seeing things from different perspectives, synthesizing and assessing. Small groups were presented with mixed-media articles and essays and worked together to derive meaning and understanding from the lesson. The second part of the day was devoted to using the Compass to develop significant concepts to guide interdisciplinary curriculum design and lesson planning. For this task, small groups each chose one interdisciplinary topic, brainstormed related sub-topics, used the Compass to organize topics, issues and questions, and then completed a systems map to identify causal or information linkages. Then each group named the “big ideas” emerging from their analysis and chose one that was best suited to their curriculum requirements.

‘Compass in the Classroom’ workshop at ISB


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