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Navigating the Path Toward Sustainability Mindset with the Insights about the Sustainability Compass

My experience leading a session on the Sustainability Compass, a systems thinking tool, was both exciting and rewarding. At Pathways World School, Gurgaon we are constantly encouraged to upskill ourselves and contribute innovative ideas to transform the learning experiences of future generations. 

Sustainability Compass is an innovative systems thinking tool that helps educators explore their impact on sustainability in a systematic and rigorous manner. By facilitating structured discussions and creative thinking around the interconnected concepts of social, economic, and environmental well-being, the Sustainability Compass promotes meaningful dialogue, encourages deeper sustainability knowledge, and aids educators integrate sustainability into their daily practice. 

The session I led focused on using the tool to understand the concept of sustainability from a holistic perspective. Through activities such as mapping interactions among different concepts in a system, participants were able to identify the various areas of sustainability that are affected by human actions. Additionally, they were able to gain a wider understanding of the systemic approach towards integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through hands-on engagements and group presentations.  

I highly recommend, the use of Sustainability Compass in the classroom as it is an incredibly powerful and useful tool for educators. By fostering structured conversations around the areas of sustainability, educators can gain a deeper understanding of the true impact on the environment. With this understanding, educators can more effectively incorporate sustainability into their practice, promoting positive outcomes. In addition, through the activities in the Sustainability Compass, educators can also teach their students the values of sustainable development and help them gain the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century. 

In this constantly changing world we must empower ourselves as educators to contribute meaningfully to the learning journey of each child. The innovative tools and strategies enable learners to develop an enduring understanding and work towards social good as an impact of their learning.

If you want to learn about the Sustainability Compass, check out this 15-minute free course by Compass Education Discover the Sustainability Compass.

Bhavna Mathew

Bhavna Mathew

Ms. Bhavna has been teaching and mentoring Primary years learners in several IB schools of Gurgaon, India for 20 years. She has worked in manifold capacities and roles as an IBPYP Practitioner. At present, she is Primary School, Service Coordinator and PYP Educator at the Pathways World School, Gurgaon. She holds a Masters in English literature and a Bachelor’s in Education. She is a certified Montessori Early Childhood Educator. Furthermore, in pursuit of her goal as an educationist, she is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Flip enthusiast, Adobe Creative Educator, Wakelet, and Teach SDG Ambassador, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education, U.S)Community Leader , Global School Advocate and Mentor. Being passionate about teaching, she has facilitated and participated in numerous Global Goals projects to promote 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. She has been a presenter at numerous prestigious platforms & she has created an Educator Club #DesiretoLearn. She conducts Book ClubPDs, Twitter Chats and workshops for educators worldwide. She is a visionary and a lifelong learner who believes in transforming education through Global Collaboration. She has been recognised for her work Internationally and Nationally through the prestigious awards – IPN INSPIRE Awards- Global Collaboration Award 2021, ISTE ‘Global Collaboration Network’ 2021 and ISTE ’20 to Watch’ Award 2022.

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