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Springing into Action in the UK

Spring is on its way here in the United Kingdom (UK) and as I work in my garden tending my newly sprouting bulbs and plants, I’m reminded of the fact that it isn’t the only thing beginning to blossom. Slowly momentum is building and more and more UK-based educators are discovering the Sustainability Compass, systems thinking and Compass Education courses.

A few conferences, World Cafes, some great partnerships, enthusiastic online course participants and suddenly… Boom! Two in-person Compass Practitioner (Level 1) workshops over the winter and we’re hopeful for more this academic year.

Our ever-flourishing partnership with Trust for Sustainable Living gave us our first opportunity to hold a Compass Practitioner (Level 1) workshop in the UK – with an exciting mix of teachers and educators from other settings we were able to test out the magic of the Sustainability Compass in the tropical heat of The Living Rainforest, a glasshouse visitor centre which was a real treat.

Then North, up to the International School of Aberdeen (ISA) in Scotland where participants from ISA and a range of other schools and educational settings attended a Compass Practitioner (Level 1) workshop. I really love that not only are classroom-based educators attending our workshops, also educators from visitor centres, zoos and local environmental groups. Watching these educators network, build connections and share their perspectives was a real privilege, pointing to the value of encouraging an invitational approach to hosting our face-to-face workshops and courses.

So, this Spring, from North to South, the UK is officially a Compass-friendly zone! With other exciting opportunities in the pipeline, with enough participants for a UK Compass Educator (Level 2) workshop sometime soon and two excellent shadow facilitators enthusiastically waiting for their next opportunity to facilitate, I’m really excited to see the Compass Education seeds here in the UK beginning to bloom!

Kath Lane

Kath Lane

Kath Lane is a primary school teacher from the UK who has a passion for educating about nature and sustainability. She has been teaching for over twenty years in the UK and at international schools such as Green School, Bali and United World College of South East Asia. She has a Master's in Educating for Sustainability and is now working as a Forest School leader and supply teacher. Kath believes that through systems thinking and connection to nature and community, we can all learn the skills and qualities needed for a sustainable world.

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