Compass Education: A Pathfinder for Change

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As an organisation and a leading actor in the global movement in transformative education, Compass Education continues to reach out and connect with learning communities and organisations all over the world to advocate education for sustainable development. In December 2015, we were very fortunate to be invited by the UNESCO to share our initiative “Compass Education: A Tool to Better Understand Sustainability” on the UNESCO Green Citizens project and join the pathfinders for change community. This project is a multimedia platform and a travelling exhibition which aims to pay tribute to individuals and organisations who, every day, educate, sensitize and transmit the best practices related to sustainable development to their respective communities. We are thrilled to becoming part of the pathfinders for change community and to continue working to empower and connect learning communities to educate and act for a better world!

Compass Education invites all educators and learning communities world-wide to share your work and actions to build a flourishing and sustainable future for all. Learn more about our initiative “Compass Education: A Tool to Better Understand Sustainability” and get involved with us!

Visit UNESCO Green Citizens website to know more about the project and other stories from people all around the world.


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