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Celebrating Compass Working Group on Regional Reorganization

Compass Education recently launched regional Compass Engagement Groups to bring together any educator in a global region who is passionate or curious about how systems thinking can help create a more sustainable world through education.
These new groups were made possible through the work and dedication of our volunteer Working Group on Regional Reorganization. While the initial idea emerged at our strategic retreat in 2022, these people volunteered time, energy and expertise to make them happen!
We want to express our earnest appreciation for the work of Nicole Swedlow, Karen Virta, Mark Mains, Trisha Nikrandt and Gitanjali Paul. They accomplished many essential tasks, including:
  • Clarifying the goals, scope, and possible indicators of success for the Compass Engagement Groups
  • Developing an implementation plan for creating regional groups, with the input of the Executive Committee and Admin Team.
  • Envisioning what leadership might look like for the Compass Engagement Groups and recruiting our first cohort of Regional Leaders
  • Developing resources and running training to onboard Regional Leaders and support them in their new roles.
We want to celebrate them and their work for helping Compass Education continue to evolve to better serve and connect educators worldwide looking to make systems change and create a more sustainable world.
To learn more about the Compass Engagement Groups and sign-up to join your region’s first virtual meet-up, check out this page.
Gitanjali Paul

Gitanjali Paul

Since joining Compass Education in 2014, Gitanjali has worked with the Youth and Learning Empowerment Groups to design and facilitate educational workshops, camps, and courses. As Education Program Manager, Gitanjali coordinates learning experiences, oversees new product development, and supports CE’s stellar network of educator volunteers in fulfilling organizational goals and mission. Gitanjali's experiences as a student and teacher in international schools have fortified her motivation to equip individuals with knowledge and skills to thrive in and create a more sustainable world. In addition to her work with Compass Education, Gitanjali freelances as a learning designer and facilitator for other organizations in whose work she believes. She is an avid lover of nature, cooking experiments, adventures with family, and spending time with her Filipina rescue cat, Mahatma Charlie.

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