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A Journey Towards Helping Organisations Implement
Meaningful Sustainability

I was fortunate to meet Compass Education Facilitator and Director Robert Steel whilst living in Thailand. His workshops on empowering citizens to drive the sustainable development of their cities introduced me to the power of the Compass Education tools to clearly explain the meaning of sustainability.

Inspired by Robert’s workshops, upon leaving Thailand and returning to the UK I set up Reasonably Sustainable. My company’s goal is to use the Compass tools to empower organisations to address the root causes of their impacts on the environment and society through systems thinking.

How did the Compass Practitioner (Level 1) course help to create practices that work towards my goals?

I was becoming increasingly frustrated that sustainability is an often-misunderstood concept. My objective was to address this lack of insight through workshops that help organisations gain a deeper understanding of what sustainability is, and how they can contribute to it. The Compass Practitioner (Level 1) Course has endowed me with the knowledge and confidence to use the Compass tools to achieve this goal.

How will I be implementing the system thinking tools to achieve my goal?

My consultancy offers advice on Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation. We plan to run Compass workshops that show organisations how to integrate systems thinking into the ‘Planning’ stage of the EMS implementation process. The idea being that when an organisation identifies its impacts using Compass tools, it will understand its root causes. Thus, facilitating the development of more effective mitigation action.

I also hope that knowledge and skills learnt in my workshops will permeate out of organisations when its participants instinctively apply systems thinking to sustainability action in their homes and communities. My vision is that this will create a ripple effect through society as they formulate more effective ways to make sense of our world and respond to environmental and social issues with impactful solutions.

Where to next?

The Compass Practitioner (Level 1) course was just the beginning for me, and I am looking forward to starting Compass Educator (Level 2) course in September. I’m excited to start learning about how to use the power of tools like the Amoeba to drive organisational change.

Sabrina Carter

Sabrina Carter

Sabrina Carter is a communications expert and experienced educator. Her goal is to empower stakeholders to thrive through embracing and communicating behaviour that contributes to sustainable development.

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