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HundrED Recognition 2024

In 2021, Compass Education declared that we would focus our efforts to reach ONE MILLION Educators with the Sustainability Compass by 2030. Since that declaration, we have worked strategically and diligently to prepare our organization for scale. In 2021/2022 we created a brand new web page, designed online and asynchronous learning platforms for all of our workshops, upgraded our lesson plan database and completely overhauled our internal admin process so that we could support hundreds more learners with the same lean team. In 2023 we were ready to share our work with the world and we began to actively seek out conferences, competitions and other ways to broadcast to the world the amazing impact on education that is offered by using systems thinking and the Compass Education systems thinking tools to support deeper thinking and engaged student action. As soon as we started to do the work to put ourselves out there, we began to see results and we couldn’t be prouder of the most recent recognition received at the HundrED conference in Helsinki in November.

More than three thousand innovations were collected and reviewed in a rigorous selection process completed by education experts from around the world, Compass Education and specifically our systems thinking tool, The Sustainability Compass, was selected as one of the top one-hundred innovations. The Sustainability Compass will be featured in the Global Collection 2024 curated by HundrED, a global, mission-driven education organization based in Helsinki, that aims to identify impactful and scalable education innovations and help them expand and grow.

We are incredibly honoured to be recognized by HundrED as a global innovator in education and to be part of this international cohort of extraordinary people and organizations who are committed to building a better world through education. It is a true gift to be able to meet and share with educators around the world and to work together to support systemic change in education.

We know that amazing new opportunities, partnerships and products will emerge from this recognition and from the friendships forged with education entrepreneurs and activists from around the world. Thank you to the HundrED team for this recognition, we are committed to make good on your observation that we are one of the most scalable innovations in education by doing just that…  reaching ONE MILLION EDUCATORS with the Sustainability Compass!

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Nicole Swedlow

Nicole Swedlow is the Executive Director of Compass Education, a global non-profit supporting education for sustainability through training in systems thinking practices. As a consultant, she is passionate about helping schools and businesses integrate sustainable principles with a strategic, inclusive and conscious approach. Nicole’s work in nonprofit leadership and sustainability as Director of the nonprofit organization Entreamigos, has been recognized by the United Nations, as a finalist for the Global Equator Initiative, as a breakout speaker for the World Economic Forum, and by the Dalai Lama, as a 2014 Unsung Hero of Compassion. Nicole has a Masters Degree in Education and Global Change from the University of British Columbia.

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