Alianzas para alcanzar los objetivos: pensamiento sistémico con jóvenes y educadores

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The International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) provides a forum for academia, government, civil society, UN agencies, and the private sector to come together to share practical solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, Compass Facilitators Cindy Chen and Kate Doré are sharing a poster on “Partnerships for the Goals: Systems Thinking […]

Enseñanza y aprendizaje para un mundo sostenible: un enfoque de pensamiento sistémico (taller presencial)

Colegio Nueva Granada , colombia

This workshop is a Compass Education certification workshop, hosted and sponsored by the Tri-Association. Description In this 2-day workshop, participants will explore the concept of sustainability with specific emphasis on the role of education and the use of systems thinking to enhance student learning and engagement as global citizens. Educators will be equipped with a […]

Día de las Escuelas Sostenibles

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Join us on October 26 for Sustainable Schools Day - a day celebrating schools worldwide that are taking steps to integrate sustainability as a core value and practice in all aspects of a school community.   Ways you can ENGAGE in this special day   Contribute Share a 1-minute video, a written response of less […]

Cambio de sistemas para un mundo sostenible: convertirse en un creador de cambios en su comunidad (curso en línea)

Curso por Internet

Do you want to make systemic change in your community? How can you move from making changes to strategizing for sustainable systems change? How can you empower your students to create sustainable change in your school community? This is a Compass Educator (Level 2) certification course, designed for educators who have completed the Compass Practitioner […]

Reunión del Grupo de Compromiso de Compass de las Américas

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We are excited to announce our upcoming The Americas Regional Engagement meeting. If you are already a member of the regional group, please confirm your availability for our virtual meeting by clicking here - For those new to the regional group, kindly register here, and we will promptly send you the meeting link. We look […]

Reunión del grupo de compromiso Compass de Oriente Medio y África

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We look forward to another Middle East and Africa Compass Engagement Group virtual meet-up soon with those of you who have already been with us for previous meetups, and the many new faces that have joined us through social media or word of mouth in the last couple of months. Please mark your calendars for our […]

Enseñanza y aprendizaje para un mundo sostenible: un enfoque de pensamiento sistémico (taller presencial)

Academia de Hong Kong

This workshop is a Compass Education certification workshop, hosted by Hong Kong Academy.   Description Are you looking to build a culture of sustainability in your school? Do you want to empower your educators and equip them with tools for transformative learning? Do you want to support students with the skills they need to meet […]

HKD $3000

Systems Thinking Tools for Teacher Training Workshop at COP28

Expo City, Dubai, UAE , United Arab Emirates

Systems thinking tools can build the capacity of educators, school leaders, and key education stakeholders to promote and model systemic approaches to cultivating a more sustainable world. Join us for this interactive, educator-led session to learn how! Attendees will acquire two versatile tools they can use to assess and reflect upon sustainability efforts within their […]

Bringing More Compassion into Your Classroom

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Description Virtual event (Zoom) with registration. A facilitated discussion focused on creating a space for educators to reflect and share ways to bring Compassion into their work, including free resources and suggestions from Compass Education and Human Education. Give yourself the gift of an hour connecting with a community of educators practicing and fostering compassion. […]

Creating Changemakers Game: Bringing Your Core Values into the Classroom

Curso por Internet

Description Join us for an hour of fun, celebration, and connection as we play several games designed to help us think about how we can bring the values that matter to us into our classroom. We’ll explore and share ideas of how you can integrate values like compassion, curiosity, systems thinking, sustainability, and celebration into […]

Introduction to the Compass Tools Workshop (Onsite, English & Spanish)

Colegio Interamericano

This event is an onsite Introduction to the Compass Tools virtual workshop hosted by the Colegio Interamericano, Guatemala. This workshop will be held on February 10-11 and delivered in English and Spanish for Colegio Interamericano staff only.   About the Workshop This flexible, three-part program enables schools to efficiently and effectively introduce educators, administrators and […]