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Youths for SDGs 2022

With the world still under the COVID-19 crisis, Youths for SDGs remains connected and closer than ever! Changemakers from around ASEAN attended our annual event this year to discuss and expand their horizons on topics revolving around United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With COVID-19 running rampant, it is only fitting that our topic this year is Good Health and Well-being in the Era of COVID-19

The main topic of this year was aimed towards the effects of COVID-19; the struggles of the healthcare system and those individual people affected. This world event has a huge effect on so many different aspects such as mental health issues to inequality in healthcare access.

Within this year’s online case challenge, over 30 teams came together to discuss world topics and submitted their solutions contributing to the physical and mental health crisis during COVID-19. Through our partnership with Compass Education, participants were able to access the Compass tools to guide them in identifying problems and finding solutions to the case they were given. In the end, five finalist teams were chosen to present their solutions live over Zoom on March 12th, 2022. 

Our winning team, TOR.CO came all the way from Malaysia! Here is a summary from their final round live session:

“Our team introduced an online application “F19URE OUT” will be released: users can get help with mental health issues by chatting to other people with similar issues, use chatbot function to find keywords, or even find professionals who can address their specific issues. Users can also give reviews, and the account will be linked to school emails. In the school privacy setting, the students can choose to be anonymous. Our application is a source of much-needed counselling, even without the pandemic. We hope to become an integral part of the education system. Beyond pandemic, our application will be integrated with physical school like google classroom. For future development, we aim to reach more people, especially in Southeast Asia, and will be hosting events such as webinars or podcasts on the F19URE OUT application.”

The prize for our winning team this year not only included a seed capital, but also a consultation session with experts in the field from UNDP.

Case Challenge winner’s meeting with UNDP

Our Youths for SDGs team remains true to our cause in connecting Youths through thoughtful discussions and problem-solving; and our passion is as strong as ever! We hope that in the upcoming years we are able to meet the youths that help create change in the world. We look forward to expanding horizons and making changes together with you all again!

Wit Jensuksap

Wit Jensuksap

Wit Jensuksap is a medical student from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Lad Krabang (KMITL) based in Thailand with a background in communication, education, and technology. Within the last years, he has taken leadership roles in multiple humanitarian projects both nationally and internationally with a focus of connecting people together through inclusivity. His passion is in sustainability, innovation, advocacy, and most importantly– seeing the world change for the better. He is currently the Head of Academics for Youths for SDGs 2022.

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