Compass Education offers a broad selection of professional development opportunities that are crafted to meet your needs.

Professional Development for Your School Community

Compass Education offers customized professional development for school communities that are interested in deepening their understanding and practice of sustainability using the tools of systems thinking.  Sound complicated?  Its not!     

Choose to meet in person or in a virtual space and we will design an engaging, relevant and actionable program for your school, team or group.   Get ready to walk away inspired, skilled and committed to a brighter future.  Educators can lead the way! 

  • 1-2 day onsite workshops
  • Virtual delivery workshops
  • Custom designed professional development sessions
Services Compass Education sustainability education

Compass Toolkit

Start with our free introductory course!

Certification Courses

Cohort facilitated and asynchronous courses that result in certification.

Quick Impact

2-4 hour asynchronous courses designed to deliver systems thinking tools and impact fast.

Curated Courses

Same certification as our others courses with a specific focus for educators in administrative, IB or eco-learning contexts.

Online Courses

Our online courses provide comprehensive training in our most useful sustainability and systems thinking tools. They are designed by our team of international educators and personalized for specific contexts. Choose asynchronous or cohort facilitated and find the course that best fits your time, interests and learning style.
Complete our practitioner certification course and continue learning to become a facilitator at Compass Education!
Services Compass Education sustainability education

Compass Coaches

A Compass coach is our best of the best educators who are practiced in the implementation of sustainability and systems thinking in classrooms and schools.

Get personalized support for your idea, curriculum design or school implementation project with the regular scheduled support of a Compass Coach. Our coaching packages are accessibly priced and custom designed for your needs.

Become A Compass School

Becoming a Compass School means that you are ready to include sustainability into all areas of your school in a meaningful way. You committed to learning and teaching the skills of systems thinking and sustainability to your campus community.

At Compass, our purpose is to spread the tools and we want to be your partner in teaching and training.

Some Schools using Compass Tools

What Makes Compass Trainings Different?

Compass Education workshops and  courses consistently receive the highest rankings in participant satisfaction.  They are designed by educators who understand that professional development must make educators everyday classroom outcomes better and to do that, they must be relevant and immediately applicable in the classroom setting.  We value your time and it shows in the quality of our work.

Designed for You

Compass Education knows that every educator is different. We work hard to provide multiple access points for our tools, including a completely free introduction, community chats and educator support network. We design our courses with differentiated instruction formats so that you can learn in the way that serves you best.

Makes What You Do, Better

The Compass Toolkit is a collection of simple tools that are designed to integrate easily into existing curriculum; deepening current learning, enhancing critical thinking, facilitating communication among students, broadening perspectives and enhancing collaboration -- all while developing sustainability habits of mind.

Innovative and Life-Changing

Many of our educators credit their experience with the Compass training as responsible for changing the trajectory of their career. We believe that when educators experience the engagement of students with the tools they discover a renewed commitment to the reason that they became an educator in the first place - to make the world a better place through their work.

Commitment to Success

With dedicated facilitators, mentors, coaches and a robust community of compass educators lined up to support you. We are dedicated to your success in our workshops. To us, success means that you take these tools and turn them into action in the world. It will take all of our best efforts to build a sustainable world and we lead by example..


Your ability to access great educational tools should never be limited by financial means. Compass education is committed to providing scholarships and access to interested students in need.


We are committed to your successful implementation of the systems thinking and sustainability tools in your schools and classrooms. We want you to love these tools and share them. We are here to help!

Compass for Profit?

The Compass Tools are licensed for non profit and educational use only… but our mission is to spread them far and wide and we would love your help! If you would like to incorporate the Compass tools in curriculum that you sell or use them in your consultancy or other for profit enterprise.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.


Yes!  We have a virtual option using some of our most useful tools that can host up to 70 people at one time and we are happy to run on-site workshops for larger groups. 

Between 20 and 30 is the optimum number for our onsite workshops, but we have hosted much larger groups with the appropriate facilities and support. 

Yes!  Systems thinking is what administrators must do every day and the Compass Tools  create a visible way to organize and connect their thoughts and work! 

Yes. All of our trainings include a planning meeting with the school to determine how to customize the learning for the participants.  It is very important to us that educators walk away from the training feeling empowered to use the tools in their context and we work hard to align our presentation with the specific needs of each school. 

Educators from all over the world!   Compass Education has more than 25 facilitators working in more than 42 countries.  Our online trainings are available in even the most remote areas and it is so fun to see who joins us! 

We currently offer discounts for groups and cohorts.  We also have very accessible pricing for educators in government or public schools. When we have facilitators in the area, we offer free trainings for community organizations that work with children in marginalized regions of the world. 

Compass Education is grateful to our generous non-profit donors and  sponsors who contribute to our operations costs, allowing us to keep prices low and provide scholarships and free trainings for educational organizations who would be served by the tools but do not have the resources  to pay for training.

Browse through this website and you will find many ways to become involved.  Send us a note about your specific interests and we will get back to you quickly. 

We’re making a difference 166 SCHOOLS

Compass Education is on a mission to share our tools with 1 million educators by 2030. Join our community of dedicated educators and follow our growth on social media!