Compass Tools

The Compass Tools are designed to integrate easily into existing curriculum, deepening current learning, facilitating communication among students, broadening perspectives and enhancing collaboration.  The tools are used to support 21st Century learning objectives, are frequently integrated into IB curriculum and perfectly aligned for service projects and service learning.  The tools can be effectively used for all subjects and in all grade levels. 

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Our Approach

Compass Education supports schools to develop global citizens that have the tools and mindsets to think critically and contribute positively to their communities and the world. 

Advocate for and Apply Systems Thinking

Our tools build confidence and thinking routines which enable students critically analyze their community and world around them, as well as have a shared language to communicate their ideas to others. These routines can be integrated right into your lessons.

Understand Nature and Human Sustainability

Students learn processes for understanding natural and human systems through authentic inquiry and practice articulating their interconnections. They can be used to dig deep into a subject or highlight interdisciplinary learning.

Empower Global Citizens

The tools help students reflect on their place in the world, build empathy with other people and perspectives, and evaluate their opportunities to be change agents and take action.

Promote Experiential Learning Pedagogy

The tools are meant to be applied to address real world examples, challenges and situations which encourages problem solving and deeply contextualized learning opportunities.

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