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Congratulations to Youths fo SDG’s on their spectacular event!

Once again the Youths for SDG’s team can celebrate success after their very successful online event featuring 207 students from 15 schools.   This year the conference event asked students to develop and propose solutions to Youth Unemployment in the time of Covid.   Congratulations to Prima and Natnisha for your outstanding youth leadership of this event!

Youths for SDGs is a 2-day conference for international high school students to come together to discuss global issues, raise awareness on SDGs, and come up with innovative solutions to ongoing problems. The event serves as a platform for brainstorming and sharing ideas and networking through activities that require creativity and problem-solving skills to explore potential and practical ways for young individuals to overcome obstacles to the SDGs, with small to medium-scale action as the main focus.

Thank you to Compass Facilitator Katina Grigoraskos for  your mentorship and support of this outstanding team!  Compass Education is a sponsor and partner of this annual event. 

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