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Compass Facilitators keep busy despite Covid-19 restrictions

Congratulations to Elaine Reimann and Kate O’Connell for their presentations at the IB ASEAN conference on the Amoeba and Fostering Sustainable Habits of Mind in Primary School.   Their presentations were some of the most attended in the entire conference!  142 new people now know about Compass Education! 

Gitanjali Paul and Nicole Swedlow facilitated the new 3 part series of virtual workshops to teach the Sustainability Compass and Systems Iceberg to 33 science teachers who form part of the Columbia Schools District in Missouri.   This program appears to be gaining traction with more schools and we hope it will lead to many new opportunities for Compass educators to deliver professional development trainings in a Covid and post Covid world. 

Congratulations to Laurence Myers and Kath Lane who just completed the latest edition of the Online Level 1!   A big shout out to Kate O’Connell who shadow facilitated and is working to create a facilitation guide to make it easier for the next person to jump in.  Gitanjali Paul facilitated a workshop at the 31st Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES) Conference  on “Cultivating Connection with the Sustainability Compass” and introduced the Compass tools for the first time in her home region.  Way to go Gitanjali! 

Kate Dore’s work at UNIS inspired her Vietnamese counterparts to translate all of the materials from the Design Thinking for Sustainable Social Innovation workshop and then deliver it to 100 members of the local staff!   A huge accomplishment and beautiful outcome of Kate’s train the trainer approach. 

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