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British University Vietnam hosts Social Innovation Workshop

Kate Dore and a team from the United Nations International School in Hanoi delivered a newly crafted workshop, “Design Thinking for Sustainable Innovation” at the British University of Vietnam.  The team used the Sustainability Compass, systems mapping and Pyramid Lite tools to enhance the design thinking process.  The first workshop received a 99% rating on the internal feedback ratings leading to the scheduling of four additional workshops and a contribution by the British University to UNIS Hanoi to support the training of local Vietnamese staff in the use of the tools and the process of design thinking. 

Kate Dore’s work at UNIS inspired her Vietnamese counterparts to translate all of the materials from the Design Thinking for Sustainable Social Innovation workshop and then deliver it to 100 members of the local staff!   A huge accomplishment and beautiful outcome of Kate’s train the trainer approach. 

The impact of this work is just beginning to be tallied but to date more than 550 students participated in this work and over 150 staff participants have been trained at UNIS.   There are two more workshops scheduled in April and several student run workshops to follow.   Way to go Kate and a special acknowledgement to the leadership team at UNIS for recognizing and supporting the value of this work. 

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