Human Impact on Tioman Island

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Submitted by Alexandria Wenzel, 2015, while serving as Middle School Science and Math Teacher at UWCSEA East Campus, Singapore

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Working with the Sustainability Coordinator, we identified our grade level trips as opportunities to utilize systems thinking on sustainability with students. As a result we created several lesson plans utilizing the Sustainability Compass. In the first lesson, all 6th grade students participate in the “HDB Condo Case Study” where they place the nearby construction of new condo residences at the center of the Compass and decide where different indicators fall on the Compass. This was a preparatory lesson plan activating students’ prior knowledge about the Sustainability Compass in order to use it again during the 6th grade Tioman trip.

During the trip, students use the Sustainability Compass in a lesson plan examining human impact on the island. The outcome we hoped for was increased student ability to see human impact on Tioman Island from the perspectives of Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing.


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