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Cultivating Connection with A Purpose

“Practice what you Preach” is exactly what Compass Education has done by partnering with the Institute for Humane Education (IHE). One of the sustainable habits of mind is to cultivate connection and this partnership is exactly that. Creating a partnership is just the first step. To cultivate that partnership, there needs to be more thoughtful action to develop an understanding and care for each other’s work. So, the organizations signed up to co-present two presentations for the Learning Planet Festival.

I was lucky enough to represent Compass Education in the presentation ‘Bringing More Compassion into Your Classroom’ with Angela Whittaker and Betsy Farrell-Messenger from IHE. We connected multiple times over Zoom to prepare for this workshop. Their expertise and commitment to building a more compassionate world was evident in the way they worked. Through the resources of IHE, Compass Education and our own experiences, we collectively created a presentation to support educators in an ever needed area in education – Compassion.

As we collaborated, we shared a variety of insights, along with a few laughs! It was such a fun and rewarding experience. I know it has given me a motivational boost and new ideas, which I will be sharing with my colleagues. All the presenters came away with an eagerness to find more avenues to share our work.

I hope that our passion and enthusiasm for this topic connected with our attendees, as much as it invigorated me, to create more compassionate communities in our spheres of influence. As the attendees cultivate their own connections, these ideas may circulate to more settings. Perhaps you will even spend some time looking through some of the resources we put together and support the creation of a stronger interconnected web for compassion.

Check out some great Compassion Resources here and photos from our workshop!


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Lucy Thompson

Lucy has been an elementary classroom teacher for over 10 years, working in Cambodia, Lebanon, Malaysia and Scotland. She is currently teaching Grade 5 and is the Professional Learning Coordinator at International School Aberdeen. Outside of work, she enjoys playing squash and being on the coast, most recently sea kayaking.

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