Compass Youth Camp 2016 Comes to a Close

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by Koh (CYC 2016 Media Facilitator)

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Compass Youth Camp (CYC) 2016 camp has sadly come to an end! The participants, including the facilitators and coordinators, have been non-stop busy since day one. Throughout the week, students learned important systems analysis concepts and tools such as the Sustainability Compass, systems mapping, and feedback loops. While learning these, they also engaged in many team-building activities that strengthened the bonds among participants and helped to build the strong team spirit required for the rest of the dynamic week.

Team building on the ropes course

After learning the premises of systems thinking from their youth facilitators during their curriculum modules, camp participants applied their new knowledge to a real life case. They home stayed for a night in the Thai Village of Ban Mae Mae in Chiang Dao. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Mr.Wong: the previous chief of the village. Campers gained a preliminary understanding of the degree of sustainability in Ban Mae Mae through him and then learned more thorough field research including a village tour and interviews with different residents of the village.

Conducting interviews during our community investigation

This investigation allowed participants to identify various factors in the community that could either be improved upon or maintained to promote sustainability.  After the trip, campers used Pyramid Lite and their systems thinking to identify leverage points in the Ban Mae Mae system and come up with action plans to present to the village locals at the end of the week. Action plans included proposals to help reduce waste generation, encourage tree planting and promote education for sustainable development in the local school curriculum. Several community representatives visited the camp at the Traidhos Three Generational Learning Community to hear action plan presentations. After asking many questions, they agreed to the value of taking further action for sustainability and indicated that some suggestions could be implemented to make their home more sustainable. We look forward to seeing some of these action plans become a reality in the year to come!

Representatives from Ban Mae Mae village on the Triadhos Campus to hear our sustainable action plan proposals

According to one camper, Sakurako, the thing she enjoyed most about CYC was

“…playing with the local school kids at Ban Mae Mae village. It is because I have never done something like this and also seeing the younger kids laughing and having fun made me enjoy the time I spent with them”.  

Another camper, Norito, said what he found most inspiring were 

the concepts that were taught to me [that] gave me  a new perspective of the community I live in. It allowed me to view it in a way that I am capable of changing or improving it in any way possible”.

We hope campers have now safely returned to their destinations and look forward to another great camp next year with both old and new participants!

To stay updated on the Compass Education Youth Empowerment programmes and future workshops, stay tuned into the the Compass Youth Leadership Facebook page and Instagram @compassyouthleaders .

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