Dorm Leadership

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Submitted by Erin Wise-Ackenbom, 2016, while serving as EAL Teacher at Dalian American International School, China

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The Sustainability Compass model was shared with the students in the Dorm Leadership Council. These students make written proposals to the Dorm Administrators to make changes in the system. We had great discussions on why the Dorm Coordinator would not want to do some of the changes that the students want. It helped them realize other points of view as to why rules were made and are enforced.

The students used this model in their proposals by understanding and noting that the fruit they wanted to be added to their meals, costs more but it is healthier. Some discussion on a compromise from the administration was that they would pay extra money for the fruit. And that next year fruit would be added to the menu, because then it can be budgeted. Students did not realize budgets were made in advance and projected estimates of food costs were all part of it.

Another issue about use of cell phones at night was discussed. Currently all electronic devices are confiscated at night to allow for adequate sleep. By using the Compass model, students realized that the reason why they are taken away at night was to allow for the W (Wellbeing) aspect of the model. It make the students more aware of other’s points of view.

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