Better Teaching and Learning for a Better World Workshop at NIST International School, Bangkok

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by Kath Lane and Kate O’Connell

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“I was really very impressed by the workshop I attended and came out a much better teacher– The Magic Compass Workshop…did I say magic? So sorry for doing so, but I shall leave it that way as this is how I personally felt. The Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools were simply great!”


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The second 1-day Compass workshop for Early Years and Primary school teachers was a great success, again!

On January 31, 2015 the workshop was held at the wonderful campus of NIST International School, which is nestled in the heart of one of Bangkok’s busiest business districts. Thirty-eight educators and administrators from kindergartens and international schools across Bangkok participated in the inspiring day of sharing and learning. They all came with the expectation of gaining an understanding about the Sustainability Compass, the systems thinking tool, and how to implement it in their teaching practice for young learners.

The workshop was effortlessly lead by our duo Compass workshop facilitators, Kate O’Connell (PTIS) and Kath Lane (UWCSEA). Participants were enthusiastic in joining games, discussions, case examples, and small group exercises. They were also challenged to bring out ideas, share opinions and express their feelings on, for most of them, this new approach of deeper learning for their young learners.

A series of indoor and outdoor activities like a systems charade activity, the triangle games and the sharing donut took place throughout the day and it was easy for participants to see how they could be use them in their own teaching. One of the highlights was a short visit to NIST’s amazing rooftop garden. Participants observed this unique garden through the Compass lens and chatted to Brian Johnson, one of NIST teachers who has dedicated significant time and effort with other like-minded teachers and students in creating and maintaining this fantastic garden. At the end of the day, participants left feeling inspired and confident to try to implement the knowledge and practical applications they gained from the workshop.

With the Level 1 Practitioner Certification Workshop coming up soon in May 9-10 at UWCSEA Campus, Singapore, Compass Education is looking forward to having educators and administrators who are  interested in taking the next step towards better teaching and learning for a better world!

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