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Have you developed a lesson or project plan that uses the Compass Tools? Share your lesson plan with the Compass community and support sustainability education and systems thinking with students. We will highlight your lesson plan with our educator community and add it to our database of resources for educators to use to expand and improve their teaching.

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Have you written an article about sustainability education, systems thinking or your experience using the tools in the classroom? Would you like to add your post to the Compass Education database or ask us to share your post from your website or school site? We would love to include your work in our database and support the spread of sustainability education in our community.

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If you have completed the Compass Education Level 1 or Level 2 course, you may complete the process by becoming a certified Compass practioner or Educator. Certification has many benefits including invitations to Compass Education special events and opportunities to continue working with Compass Education as a coach or facilitator.

Compass Awards

Twice a year the Compass Educator Community reviews the many contributions that we receive for new content, revised materials, news articles, social media posts and real actions that have contributed to creating a more sustainable world. We then choose a selection of winning entries to receive acknowledgement from our team, promotion on our website and social media channels and really amazing and great gear from our award sponsors!